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Keywords: Costumer Statisfaction, Service Quality.


This research aimed to analyze the influence of the tourist satisfaction on service quality at
Ibis Styles Bali. The sample of this research is 78 respondents. The Data sources used in this
research are primary and secondary data. Data is analyzed using path analysis that is
assisted with SPSS for Windows version 22. Data collection method in this research using
interview method, by means of questionnaires. The analytical technique used is Importance
Performance Analysis (Cartesius Diagram). This diagram can be used to identify the service
significance and customer satisfaction level on service quality of a company. Results of
Importance Performance Analysis (Cartesius Diagram) known that the good service and
ready to help (indicator 8) is located at Quadrant A, it means that the indicator 8 need to be
priority because considered important for the customers. Polite (indicator 12), attention
(indicator 16) and customer needs (indicator 17) are located at Quadrant C, it means that the
indicators are less satisfying and considered important to the customers. The clean and good
performance of employee (indicator 4) is located at Quadrant D, it means that the indicator 4
is less important to the customers. Indicator the building and interior are nice and attractive
(indicator 1), The cleanliness and comfort hotel (indicator 2), the hotel facilities are complete
(indicator 3), service time (indicator 5), the good promised service (indicator 6), The good
check-in and check-out procedures (indicator 7), Quick response to the problems (indicator
9), Quick response to the complaints (indicator 10), the clear information sharing (indicator
11), the employees knowledge of public area and private areas (indicator 13), effective
communication (indicator 14), and responsible for security and comfort (indicator 15) are
located at Quadrant B, it means that they are satisfying and considered important for the
customers of quality at Ibis Style Hotel Bali.